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Some moments left behind...

About 'The Treehouse':

"This was a quick read, which is perfect for the younger audience it is geared for. The name attracts attention and the story line was perfect. The innocence of children is one of life's treasures and this story is an example of this. As a mother I sometimes admired from afar when I would see my children truly enjoying being along or with their 'imaginary' friends, knowing they felt safe. I, however, can relate somewhat. Once, during my daughter's childhood I decided to ask to whom she was speaking with an her reaction 'gramma silly, she's right there' and when I asked what gramma looked like, she described her to a 'T'. The only thing was my mom passed when she was only 9 months old. Moments a mother lives for."


Annie H., USA




About 'the farm':

"...Also (the) Farm was a great read!!"

Tabitha C., USA




About 'Happenstances and Other Vignettes':

"...bought the stories, I enjoyed them."

Annette M., USA



"I've read this quite a few times. Very well written."

Vanessa W., USA




About 'Fall Harvest':

"I think this is great. Lots of people can handle words, but

there aren't many who can piece together a story like this."

Mike R., USA